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Calvert Aviation

Owner Greg Calvert: a dedicated aviation professional well established as a career maintainer of corporate jet aircraft, engages the local GA community in proper maintenance of their aircraft. Since he was a child, Greg has been looking up at the skies. Becoming a mechanic in 2004, he spent his early career developing his avionics and electrical skills. By 2016 Greg established himself well within the corporate aircraft maintenance and took on as an Airworthiness Inspector. Throughout this time, he would earn Inspection Authorization, Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rating as well as Part 107 Commercial Drone operator’s license. Ownership of a beautiful 1973 Cessna 182P would contribute to his decision to open doors for business. Realizing his talent can be used to help his fellow owner/pilots without a mechanic’s license, he introduced Calvert Aviation in 2018. His experience has spread across the common GA fleet. From various Cessna aircraft to Piper Malibu’s Greg’s experience has kept the local GA fleet in the sky.

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Calvert Aviation offers maintenance services for minor aircraft and engine repairs. While we are capable of major repairs and alterations, the work is limited due to tooling. Incorporating some modifications under STC is possible on location. Most common parts can be acquired the same day in the event of an AOG event.

Calvert Aviation also introduces an alternative method of maintaining your aircraft with Cost Per Flying Hour (CPFH) Contracts. Under this program, maintaining your airplane couldn’t be easier. Contracts can be tailored to your specific requirements and range from between flight inspections through, and including, annual inspections and any other inspections, parts replacement programs or maintenance requirements by your operation.

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Greg Calvert

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