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Jerry Hinshaw

Calvert Aviation has maintained our Piper P46T since its acquisition three years ago.  Greg Calvert has performed scheduled and unscheduled service for the plane dozens of times in that period.   He acts as much more than “just an A&P/IA” in that he actively manages the maintenance needs of the aircraft month to month.  His care and attention to detail have made a great difference to the condition and availability of the plane. 

During the two most recent annual inspections Greg extensively researched the detailed requirements, not only in the Piper manuals but in vendor detail information and general literature.  He provides good depth of documentation at a level more often found in part 135 operations; a welcome change compared to the terse jottings often found in General Aviation logbooks.  

Several times Greg brought together a group of mechanics and experts and efficiently managed their activity to ensure that even extensive, in-depth inspections were carried out on schedule.  His project management skills make his company able to deliver on time, a rare distinction.  And although his own technical knowledge is wide, he does not hesitate to seek expert assistance when needed. 

In addition to annual inspections and scheduled monthly checks, Greg Calvert has also been very responsive to “pop-up” problems with the aircraft.   Whether it was a flat tire, or a suspicious oil drop found on the hangar floor, or an autopilot failure, he follows up with overnight response to fix the issue.   When problems occurred with the plane away from home, he has offered to come to the plane to help get it back in the air. 

From the “small stuff” such as database updates and keeping the tires at proper inflation up to major repairs of complex systems his level of attention has been excellent.  A Commercial-rated pilot himself, Greg Calvert can readily understand a pilot’s concerns about the aircraft. Overall, his level of care and attention to detail have been a great benefit to our aircraft ownership experience.  

David Charnowitz March 24, 2020

Calvert aviation takes the pain out of aircraft ownership. Greg’s professionalism and commitment to safety delivers the perfect experience for GA owners and pilots.

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Ted L Zellers

On Friday afternoon May 14, we flew into Martin State for a visit with family. On my
walkaround after exiting the plane, I noticed oil streaked across the pilot’s side of our Bonanza.
Upon opening the cowl, I saw that the #5 valve cover was missing a screw and others were
loose. I spoke with the FBO crew and asked who was available and they said Greg Calvert of
Calvert Aviation was the guy. Before leaving the airport, the FBO had placed a call to Greg to
arrange a callback.

Greg reached me later that afternoon and agreed to meet at the airplane Saturday morning.
He said we could meet anytime but insisted we coordinate with my family visit to minimize
disruption. We did meet that morning and Greg identified the problems and set off for tools
and parts. Thirty minutes later, we were wrapping back up after an inspection of all the covers
on both sides. When I asked Greg how much I could pay him he gave me really small figure for
a guy who took time away from his family Saturday to help a complete stranger. With just a
little pressure from me, he accepted an amount reflective of his Saturday time and efforts on
our behalf.

I can’t thank Greg enough for his prompt response and his rescue of travelers from Michigan.
Greg is a great guy and his reputation for quality work at Martin State is well-deserved. I hope I
don’t need help again at Martin but if I do, Greg Calvert at Calvert Aviation will be the only guy
I’ll call.

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